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Why Getting Started is the Hardest Part

There is always a boundary between the known and the unknown. Between the been there/ done that and the never done it before.

It’s as real on our physical maps as it is on our mental maps. We always know where the wilderness is.

Adventures carefully prepare for the dangers of the wilderness. Entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators do the same because anyone telling you the wilderness is safe is selling an easy button.

There is no easy button in the wilderness. Just an uneasy button. It’s a feeling you get as you cross this boundary. It’s always there and it is designed to focus your attention on the task ahead.

It’s designed to keep you safe in an unsafe place. Without uneasiness, epic failure is the most likely outcome.

I encourage you to make friends with uneasiness. Learn how to engage it. Because the wilderness is also a place of discovery, beauty, power, strength, and excitement. It’s full of value and where the heroes travel.

So here's to all those who are uneasy and moving forward anyway. Here’s to all the adventures who strive for the goal while measuring the cost. Here’s to leaders who are doing their work and leading others to do the same.

You’re heroes to me.


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