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We're committed to helping leaders show up as the best version of themselves for the benefit of others.

We Believe this is what Ikonic Leaders do.

We are driven to accelerate leaders and their teams towards meaningful change that endures challenges with agility.

You deserve a team that has spent thousands of hours working with hundreds of people just like you to deliver the environment needed to become Ikonic Leaders. That’s what we've done for our past clients. And that's what we want to do with you.

Our team is ready to help. Let's connect and begin your journey to greater success today.

Meet the Ikon Coaches

Kirk Wayman
Founder and Principal Coach

Raised in the idyllic forests of Northern California, where the stoic Redwoods tower silently over the Pacific Ocean, I found this Lost Coast forged much of my identity. I learned the value of pursuing a simple, meaningful and deep existence. As the founder and principal coach of Ikon Coaching, I am passionate about creating environments where leaders become the version of themselves that delivers extraordinary value. With more than a decade of experience, and a bevy of past clients with meaningful results who routinely refer their friends and colleagues to us, I feel confident that I can open the space to allow you to find your highest good for the benefit of those you serve. Before coaching, I was a business leader and entrepreneur working in building materials, construction and land development. I spent many formative years as a non-profit executive co-founding a family of businesses using the social entrepreneurial model. Like others at Ikon Coaching, I studied the field as well, earning a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Management, and a M.A. in Leadership from a Quaker seminary. This collective experience broadens and deepens both my understanding and dedication to my clients' potential, growth, and mastery. When not in the office I need time to explore my own thinking and wander through my thoughts. Fly fishing, photography and golf are perfect places for this. It “cleans” my brain and allows me to be the best coach possible for our clients.

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Katie Christian
Executive Assistant

Writing one's life and work purpose in a paragraph? No problem. Seriously, though, as a Communications major in college, I find expression a way of entering space for self discovery and authentic connection with others. Even though this role may seem a bit of a sidestep from my previous pursuits, my role as Executive Assistant combines my past Communications major and work experience with a new alignment (positioning?). There is something about administrative work that just makes life feel safe. And it's that safety, that organizational flow, that I love to bring to those I serve - whether they are my colleagues here at Ikon or our clients contacting us for a consultation, coaching session or event coordination. After all, isn't my job to make it all look easy? I aim to help everyone feel that same security and certainty. A trust in us - to help you. By putting relationships first in professional settings, I honor my drive to help others and solve their queries quickly. Maybe it's my knack for Jenga that helps me problem-solve, or my love of routine that keeps the wheels turning in an office with many of those proverbial “spokes” turning at the same time. But my inspiration always comes from people. From you. Yes, you, reading this bio. If I know that I'm helping you and that I'm doing a good job fulfilling needs, I stay driven. Your confidence in me helps me see the project through - to completion. So yes, when you contact us at Ikon Coaching, I'm that "voice" at the end of the phone, that "reply" from the calendar link, and the "bobble head" smiling at you in the corner of your email. Hello. Drop us a line and I'll do my very best to answer any questions you have and accommodate your schedule. Talk soon.

Mitch Santala
Executive Coach & Consultant

A favorite movie quote of mine comes from the classic, The Princess Bride. I suspect you may be able to quote it with me, “Mawage is wot bwings us together today.” While a coaching relationship is not a “mawage” union, it is a coming together of sorts, and I believe you should be able to see my story as a keyhole to peer into our upcoming conversations. I'm both a coach and a practitioner, one who is "in the trenches," just like you. As a business owner, leadership is something I've learned through the rollercoaster of financial windfalls and hardships, including the housing crash of 2008 and the Covid hit in 2020. Since 2007, I’ve been the co-founder and CEO of Executive Scheduling Associates, a North American company supporting over 400 sales men and women in the financial industry. "Success," in my experience, is not a concept; it’s the result of courage taken towards honest goals, especially when they seem impossible. I have a combined 30 years of entrepreneurial leadership including successful startup ventures (and failures) in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Previously, I served as an executive leader at Youth With A Mission, Chico, Ca and as assistant pastor at Risen King Community Church in Redding, Ca. With a B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Simpson University, I weave together strategies for success with practical application. Throughout my career - whether working with youth, entrepreneurs, business owners, executive leaders, CEOs, or professionals - my strongest desire is to help individuals gather the courage to discover and pursue their greatest potential. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife of thirty years, my 4 children, 3 daughters-in-law, and coming soon, 2 granddaughters, Willow and Daisy.

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