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It is said a picture is worth 1000 words. What does a picture capture that 1,000 words can’t? It reveals what happened. Not what you wanted to happen. Not what you said happened. But, what actually happened.

We can use this. When working to discover your motivation it is common to start with words. But they are not enough. You have to be able to take a picture of what you did to confirm your motivation. Did you do it? Yes or No. What actually happened?

But it might be deeper than that. Much of our motivation is in our subconscious, seemingly out of reach. Sometimes our behavior reveals a symptom. What you want to know, must be discovered under that. Ready to discover what is deeper? Get your mind blown in under 15 minutes. Check out one of my favorite philosophers Peter Rollins has to say about this in his parable The Lake of Truth found HERE (9.29 min) and for a deeper look at the parable, he explains it HERE (5.37 mins).

Jan 18, 2021


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