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HUMANS HAVE A REMARKABLE CAPACITY to have multiple, competing, and mutually exclusive emotions simultaneously. For those of us who are goal oriented, this can produce an inner dilemma which frustrates our progress like the muck of a swampy bog restricting the steps of an explorer. Until this emotional paradox is resolved it is difficult to move forward.

We feel stuck; but stuck has its advantages.

CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE THINKING IS THE RESULT of merging formerly disparate ideas. Our emotional malaise can be the perfect time to do this work. In these moments it’s beneficial to recognize we’ve allowed a pantry of emotional ingredients to emerge. Doing the inner work of cooking with our mixed emotions can produce revelatory change. WHAT IF WE’RE NOT STUCK IN A MUCKY BOG. Maybe we have paused progress to acknowledge we need a new way forward and the way forward is to stop and acknowledge our mixed emotions.


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