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A compass is a great navigating tool. It is reliable and predictable. It always points north. An explorer needs only one constant to travel in any direction. Show her north and she can take you anywhere.

Innovators, entrepreneurs and mavericks traveling off their maps need compasses as well. These conceptual explorers must have a constant in order to orient their journey. Where the best ones find this is fascinating.

Many think they are motivated by goals, dreams, or desires. For great explorers, these are just future expressions of something they already have. Explorers worth following are motivated by something intrinsic. An inner reality that pulls them forward.

Unfortunately, many of us create goals because we think we lack motivation. We use external incentives to reward our efforts or create punishments for non-goal-oriented behavior. While this can produce results it doesn’t come closer to our best possible work.

The motivation that is intrinsic can propel innovation and creativity, solve complex problems, and even sustain us through hardship and suffering.

When the reward is doing the task itself, it’s amazing how far you will explore the unknown.

Goals are not north. Rewards are not north. Avoiding pain is not north.

North is found in your history and will continue to be revealed in your future. Spirituality reminds us that north is the divine orientation found within yourself and others.

North is Good; and when your compass finds it you can travel anywhere.

February 1, 2021


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