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We’ve been sent home. Some to work and millions due to layoffs. Work organizes much of our life but suddenly this organization is being collectively disrupted.

There is opportunity in the chaos caused by disruption.

Shelter in place has forced a change of rhythm. An opportunity to rest, reflect and find renewal. A chance to consider new ways of being in the world. We can experiment with alternative ways of creating value (work). Find a new focus. Fail on purpose.

A change of rhythm brings new perspectives but you must pay attention to new rhythms, trust yourself in the process, and engage the tension created by the chaos.

Pay Attention. Build Trust. Engage Tension.

This is the ancient practice of Sabbatical. Sabbaticals are not vacations, they are an opportunity to change your working rhythm. Sabbaticals require thought, planning, and intention. They often include rest but are not focused on it. Work changes and includes time to explore, learn, adventure, pursue. I have friends who create some of their best work on sabbatical. Their creativity was released from the daily grind of their regular jobs. It’s really a brilliant idea that has been lost to the protestant work ethic (a cultural concept has lost its value.)

We’ve been sent home on sabbatical. Let’s use it well.


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