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EVERY ADVENTURE IN BUSINESS, LIFE OR RELATIONSHIP STARTS WITH EXCITEMENT. You overflow with possibilities. Hope is easily accessible. However, something lurks in the depths. Fear creeps in. It overpowers your excitement. You acknowledge the struggle of your adventure. You lose your conviction. This leads to the feeling you call stuck.

There is a constant choice between fear and excitement in life’s adventures. And just to be clear, I’m talking about fear of things like your next project or speaking in front of a group, not of being chased by a wolf or jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. These emotions are a result of a chemical response in your body. People often describe fear as coming from the “pit of their stomach” while excitement is experienced as “butterflies in their stomach.” We feel this in the same place but with different affect.

Fear leads to anxiety and paralysis. We become powerless in our circumstances.

Excitement leads to hope and action. We are powerful, often in spite of our circumstances.

A person’s language reveals the emotion he or she is experiencing. Someone filled with fear will use words like “I can’t…” or “I’ll try…” Imagine using these phrases while pitching an investment group, with your partner, or at your wedding! They are powerless expressions.

On the other hand, a person brimming with excitement sounds powerful. They say things like “I will…” or “I can…” These are the phrases of belief, faith, and conviction.

Here is the good news…

YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY STUCK. You’re free to choose between fear and excitement. It’s freedom which is an exercise of your power. If you feel stuck, it might be because you have yet to make that powerful choice.

Here are three actions that will help.


This simple act of vulnerability can be the key to unlocking your adventure. The thoughts, fears, and worries that are keeping you locked up often sound less scary when shared with a friend. But why wait until your stuck to make that call? Make this into a practice of vulnerability. By doing so, your relationship will be ready for the truly difficult conversations that are the mud and muck of life.


Many of us have a “monkey mind” that chatters non-stop, reminding us of everything worth worrying about. Meditation or contemplation is an ancient practice used by many cultures and faith traditions to quiet this mind and let other parts of our being have a voice. In meditation we learn to listen differently and, in doing so, discover that silence can be a noisy space. Our bodies remind us we are carrying unnecessary tension. Our spirits will come alive and make connections we need. We may even hear from the divine.


Changing your rhythm is one of the most powerful changes you can make in your life. Look at your calendar and change one thing. Maybe it’s how you start your day or what your eat for dinner. Try going for a walk at lunch or join a new group. We often forget one of the greatest teachers in life is the “happy accident.” So, engage in the spiritual discipline of randomizing your rhythm. You may discover new life and a new rhythm in the process.

Every adventure starts with excitement, but the most exciting part is reaching your goal and being able to share the story of overcoming your fear.


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