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For many people…

  • Fear is the enemy that must be conquered.

  • Fear is the wall that must be removed.

  • Fear is the force that must be avoided.

  • Fear is the evil that must be eradicated.

BUT, what if there is an alternate universe in which…

  • Fear is your friend which directs your path.

  • Fear is your ally which fights beside you.

  • Fear is your advisor which offers perspective.

  • Fear is your partner which invests in you.

In this alternate universe fear functions like a compass. It provides direction. Answer one question and you will know how to read the compass:

Has fear partnered with wisdom?

When fear partners with wisdom it helps you avoid bad ideas, foolish investment, and dangerous people. It says to run away, and this is GOOD advice.

When fear shuns wisdom it tells you that failure is fatal, risk is reckless and safety is found in certainty. It says to run away, and this is BAD advice. Instead, we can use this fear to navigate forward. Move into adventure. Move toward opportunity. It helps you see that your fears are a story you tell to avoid growth in relationships or success in business.

Once you know if fear has partnered with wisdom it is time to move. Backwards! Forwards! Either way. . . move! Get in motion, because it is the fear which paralyzes that is truly dangerous.


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