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Feb 15, 2020

If we want to expand we must fall off our map.

We hold mental maps of the world we inhabit. This is our map by which you navigate life. It’s a map of our known world but not the world which is known. That is much bigger. Our growth happens when we fall into the unknown and discover life beyond our map.

Explorers have been doing it since the beginning. Entrepreneurs make it their habit. Innovators and poets call it home.

What they know; which we can discover, is that there’s a thin reality that catches our fall like a net placed at the edge of a cliff. This is the discoverable world, the sort-of-known.

The secret is to take small steps.

Acts so small most people won’t notice. Yet, if we consistently take small steps off our maps into the sort-of-known it’s amazing how far we can go.


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