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IS YOUR LIFE’S ADVENTURE STUCK? Are you struggling to figure out what the barrier is? If so, I have good news for you.

Revealed in this post…

  • A crucial misconception about being stuck.

  • The key to get moving again and engage your adventure.

  • A pathway to experience freedom.

IF YOU’VE READ EVERY SUCCESS BOOK, if you’ve met with your communities thought leaders, if you’ve been to every conference and you still haven’t learned how to unlock your life’s adventure, then your about to read the blog you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why…

EVERY ADVENTURE BEGINS WITH EXCITEMENT – You overflow with possibilities. Hope is easily accessible. However, something lurks in the dark. Fear creeps in. It overpowers your excitement. You acknowledge the struggle of your adventure. You lose your conviction, leading to the feeling you call stuck.

YOU ARE NOT STUCK -The feeling of being stuck is caused by allowing fear to translating the story of your adventure. You are not actually stuck… your story is. This is a crucial misconception. Change the story you’re telling and your barriers will melt into opportunity.

READY FOR THE KEY? – Fear is a natural part of your adventure. The attempt to become fearless is a waste of time. The key is to dance with the fear without letting fear guide your steps. Lead the dance. Connect with your motive and let desire flip the script. The difference between fear and excitement is often the story you are telling.

ME TOO – I use to be stuck as well. I was succeeding in respectable work but it wasn’t my best work. This type of success breeds more safe opportunities. A system forms which conspires to keep you from your adventure. It’s called The Rat Race. I can remember being offered a job that would have set me up for the rest of my career. It was safe, respectable and important work. But, it just wasn’t right. If wasn’t my adventure.

I BROKE FREE AND SO CAN YOU – These are the moments you take stock of your adventure. It’s time to pause, ask questions and reflect. What brought you to this place? What do you really want? What are you all about? Are you letting fear lead the dance? What is exciting you? This is precisely what I did with the help of a great coach. It changed everything for me. It can for you too.


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